AFFILIATE PROGRAM TERMS&CONDITIONS (here and after “The Company”, “We”, “Us”, “Affiliate Program”) operates with its partners (affiliates) in accordance to the following terms & conditions.

By creating an affiliate account with you automatically agree to the following terms & conditions. The creation of an affiliate account is sufficient evidence of you being well informed and educated on the following terms & conditions.

The following terms & condition take power at the moment of account creation and are terminated at the moment of account suspension.

The Company can change the following terms & conditions at its sole discretion and it is the responsibility of an affiliate to check the following terms & conditions and act in accordance to them.

Affiliate Marketing Agreement

1.1 The following Agreement that is formed by these Terms & Conditions is a Contract. This Contract includes 2 (two) parties: Monfex Partners Affiliate program that is an affiliate program for online broker and an Affiliate.

1.2 The contract becomes active upon the moment of account creation. By creating an account, Affiliates express acceptance of this Contract and of the Terms & Conditions.

1.3 Any individual that is over 18 (or any other legal age at one’s jurisdiction) or an entity can sign up with Affiliate Program free-of-charge. Participation in the Affiliate Program will never be on a paid basis.

1.4 It is possible that in future the Company will make changes to these Terms & Conditions at its sole discretion without notifying the Affiliate. In that case, the updated Terms & Conditions will be published on the Company website. It is a responsibility of an Affiliate to operate in accordance to the actual Terms & Conditions. If an Affiliate continues to operate after Terms & Conditions were changed it is considered be an acceptance of newly published Terms & Conditions.

1.5 Any breach or violation of the following Terms & Conditions might be considered by the Company, at its sole discretion, as a termination of this contract. This may result in commissions being withheld and/or an affiliate account being suspended.


2.1 “Client” – is the online broker that is an ending beneficiary of any traffic sent to

2.2 “Affiliate” – is an individual or an entity that has successfully signed up with an Affiliate Program, that has agreed to the AFFILIATE PROGRAM TERMS&CONDITION upon creation of the account, and that was granted with a unique Tracking ID after account reviewal.

2.3 “Tracking Links” – are exclusive links that Affiliate Program provides an Affiliate with and that contains a unique Tracking ID that belongs to an Affiliate.

2.4 “Traffic” – are all guests that are being sent through Tracking Links to Client as a result of marketing activities executed by an Affiliate.

2.5 “Impression” – is each time Client’s advertisement is being displayed to a guest.

2.5 “Click” – is a voluntarily action of pressing on a Tracking Link that is executed by a guest with intention to access Client’s website.

2.6 “Lead” or “Signup” – is a guest referred through the Tracking Link who has successfully created an account with Client’s website. Duplicate Leads are to be disregarded.

2.7 “Duplicate Leads” – are 2 (two) or more Leads that have similar first and last name and/or email addresses, and/or phone numbers and/or physical addresses, and/or bitcoin wallets used to deposit, and/or credit/debit cards used to deposit.

2.7 “Customer” – is a Lead of a legal age in its country of residence that is performing trading activities on the Client’s website. Such lead shall exclude the Affiliate and any of affiliate’s household members or relatives. Any fee that has been paid in connection to the person that is meant to be excluded are to be deducted from Affiliate’s Commission.

2.8 “Commissions” – are the earnings made by an Affiliate in accordance to the Commission Plan.

2.9 “Commission Plan” – is the conditions upon which an Affiliate is being paid for the traffic sent.

2.10 “Qualified Trader” – is a customer that has executed a certain amount of trades and/or has deposited a certain amount of funds and/or has went through KYC procedure. The exact conditions are to be discussed between an Affiliate and Affiliate Manager that is assigned to this particular affiliate.

2.11 “CPA” – cost per action; is a Commission Plan according to which an Affiliate is being paid a fixed amount for each new Qualified Trader that was referred through the tracking link of an Affiliate.

2.12 “Revenue Share” – is a Commission Plan according to which an Affiliate is being paid a share of Company’s NGR (Net Gaming Revenue) that was made of the Qualified Traders that were referred through the Tracking Link of an Affiliate.

2.13 “Hybrid Plan” – is a Commission Plan according to which an affiliate is being paid both fixed amount for each new Qualified Trader that was referred through the tracking link of an Affiliate and share of Company’s NGR (Net Gaming Revenue) that was made of the Qualified Traders that were referred through the Tracking Link of an Affiliate.

2.14 “Sub-affiliate commission” – is a Commission Plan according to which an affiliate is being paid a share of the Commissions made by Sub-Affiliates connected to Affiliate’s account.

2.15 “Sub-Affiliate” – is an Affiliate that has signed up with an affiliate program through the referral link of another Affiliate. Such Affiliate account is connected to the Affiliate account whose link was used to sign up.

2.16 “NGR” – net gaming revenue; is a difference between profits and losses brought to the Company by each referred Qualified Trader upon all deductions (if there are any).

2.17 “Spam” – is all type of unrequested or unsolicited messages that are being addressed to guests through email, SMS, messengers or phone calls. In addition to that, all of the messages that include incorrect, wrong or inaccurate information in attempt to increase traffic volumes.

2.19 “Fraudulent Traffic” – a type of Traffic that is being referred through the Tracking Link(s) with an aim to take advantage of a Commission Plan. Including, but not limited to: intentional misleading of guests by providing them with inaccurate information; incentivizing guests to sign up and deposit by any kind of material reward; creating leads/customers/qualified traders by an Affiliate; qualified traders who made chargebacks. The Company can consider any traffic as “Fraudulent Traffic” at its sole discretion, such decision is to be considered final and undisputed. Fraudulent Traffic will not contribute to Affiliate’s Commissions on any type of Commission Plan.

Account and Account Creation

3.1 An Affiliate has to provide an Affiliate Program with accurate personal, contact and payment details. This information is considered to be of crucial importance and cannot be shared with the 3rd (third) parties, however it is required in order to successfully execute payments and perform marketing activities. In case an Affiliate has provided incorrect personal, contact or payment details, the Company may, at its sole discretion, withhold any Commissions allocated on the Affiliate’s account and/or suspend such account.

3.2 An Affiliate shall be able to provide documented confirmation of personal details displayed on the account upon request of the Company. In case an Affiliate is not able to do so, the Company may, at its sole discretion, withhold any Commissions allocated on the Affiliate’s account and/or suspend such account.

3.3 An Affiliate shall only have 1 (one) account with the Affiliate Program, unless other has been discussed with an Affiliate Manager.

3.4 If an Affiliate has not logged into the account and/or did not send any Traffic through the Tracking Links for the period of 6 (six) months, such account might be considered as dormant and the Company may, at its sole discretion, withhold any Commissions allocated on the Affiliate’s account and/or suspend such account.

Marketing Activities

3.1 An Affiliate is supposed to solely cover any marketing expenses that might arise during the promotion of Client’s website and/or are associated with the Affiliate Program.

4.2 It is an absolute necessity to make sure that the Tracking Link is working correctly and is successfully tracking guests sent through it before starting sending any traffic through it.

4.3 In case traffic was lost because of the link manipulation executed by an Affiliate or associates of such (either on purpose or by accident), there is no way that traffic can be recovered.

4.4 Some types of the content are not accepted to be used in promotion of the Client’s website. The contains but is not limited to: spam, adult, racist, violent, sexist content. If you an Affiliate has any doubts whether the content that is intended to be used is acceptable or not, an Affiliate shall contact an Affiliate Manager to seek for advice.

4.5 Due to strict Client’s Privacy Policy, an Affiliate cannot and shall not have access to the Customer’s details used upon registering of such.

4.6 In case of traffic pause/stop/listing or position change an Affiliate has to notify Affiliate Program 48 hours in advance about such intensions.

4.7 Incentivized traffic is strictly prohibited.


5.1 The Commission Plan that has been agreed between an Affiliate and Affiliate Manager or default deal, if there was no such agreement, determines the amount of compensation (commissions) that is to be paid to an Affiliate in the next Pay Period.

5.2 There are 3 (three) Commission Plans available to Affiliate: Revenue Share, CPA and Hybrid.

5.3 The Commission payments are being executed on a calendar month basis. The Commission generated in the current Pay Period (current calendar month) is to be paid in the next Pay Period (next calendar month). The Affiliate Program aims to execute all the payments until the 15th (fifteenth) of the next month, however there is no precise date for the Payments to be executed. In order to receive Commissions for the previous Pay Period, an Affiliate shall contact the Affiliate Manager with a corresponding request.

5.4 In case the Commission was sent and was not received because the payment details provided by an Affiliate were incorrect, such Commissions cannot be retrieved.

5.2 On CPA Commission Plan the Affiliate Program may, at its sole discretion, withhold Commissions for a specific Qualified Trader(s) for the period of 60 (sixty) days or unless such Qualified Trader goes through KYC.

5.3 In case the Affiliate Program has evidences that at its sole discretion are found to be sufficient to determine the traffic sent by an Affiliate as Fraudulent Traffic, any Pending Payments or Commissions owned to such Affiliate are to be withheld.


6.1 Any Affiliate has a free-of-charge access to the reports on their traffic. The data set displayed in the report may be different for different Commission Plans, the sufficient data set for a specific deal is determined by the Affiliate Program.

6.2 Information displayed in the reports is necessary for calculation of Affiliate’s Commission at the end of each Pay Period.

Terms of Termination

7.1 Any Affiliate has a right to terminate the Contract that was submitted upon the registration with the Affiliate Program. There has to be a written notice of 48 (forty-eight) hours in advance.

7.2 These Terms & Conditions are not supposed to be breached by an affiliate by any means. In case of such incident the Affiliate Program reserves the right to Terminate the Contract unilaterally.

7.3 In case of Contract breach, the Company may withhold Commissions allocated on Affiliate’s account until the investigation is completed. The investigation shall be executed within 60 (sixty) days after the contract breach was spotted by the Company.

7.4 After the Contract was terminated, it is a responsibility of an Affiliate to remove all of the marketing materials that are referred to Client’s or Affiliate Program’s website by any means from the resources that belong to an Affiliate or Affiliate’s associates due to intellectual property right.

7.5 This Contract may be terminated by the Company in case an Affiliate executes any kind of illegal activities including those that are aimed at the Affiliate Program or at the Client. In case of such actions an Affiliate’s account will be suspended immediately and all of the Commissions will be withheld.

7.6 It is strictly prohibited to refer guests through the Affiliate’s Tracking Link(s) who are: an Affiliate to whom this(ese) Tracking Link(s) belong; an Affiliate’s relative; people who are directly communicating with an Affiliate through any kind of two-way communication channel (including, but not limited to: phone calls, messengers, social networks, face-to-face). Such actions are to be considered as an attempt to abuse the Commission Plan and will result in the Affiliate’s account being immediately suspended and the Commissions to be withheld.


8.1 Affiliate is expected to make every effort to not send Fraudulent Traffic and to notify an Affiliate Manager in case an Affiliate has any suspicions regarding this matter.

8.2 An Affiliate Manager shall at any time with use of all of the available tools help an Affiliate to launch/optimize/scale the marketing campaign. An Affiliate Manager shall help an affiliate with any kind of requests related to the Affiliate Program or to the Client.